Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Exclusive to Economoms: Free Shipping from Party Box Design!

Party Box Design's delectable cupcakes and custom toppers!

The name says it all! At Party Box Design, the idea is to assemble all of the elements of your perfect "custom" party and have them delivered right to your door in a box!

This Baltimore-based business offers anything and everything party--invites, banners, cupcake toppers, stickers, and more! All are original designs by the lady (and mom!) behind the business--Jessica Bornman. You can even order gourmet custom cupcakes to match your party's theme.

Between now and 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 21 (yep, ONE DAY ONLY!) you can order Party Box Design items with FREE SHIPPING by using promo code COCKTAILS at checkout.

Jessica told Economoms about her passion for parties, especially those for kids:

"Everyone expects to go to a wedding and for it be amazing, and for a bridal shower to be fabulous, but an amazing childrens party is unexpected! Total joy ... smiling children, yummy candy, so much laughter and joy! Seeing my child smile and laugh is Heaven on earth. Childrens parties are just special--the most special!"
Party Box Design has more than 100 invitations to choose from,
including eco-friendly e-vitations.

To get the ideas flowing for the next fabulous party you're throwing, Jessica has provided Economoms with her Top 5 Party Tips. Here goes!

1. Plan ahead for sure! Parties can get a little out of control, so I suggest planning at least 3 months in advance! (That means it's never too early to order supplies, especially when you can get them today with free shipping!)

2. Just say no to plastic table covers! I know, they're so inexpensive and so easy, but ahhh! They are just gosh darn icky looking! You can find inexpensive alternatives if you plan ahead! Use coupons at fabric stores and make your own. Even if you don't sew, use tape to make a clean edge! Places such as Home Goods offers them as well. (Economoms adores the creative tutu-like skirt Jessica added to this table setting)

3. When you plan a party, start with 3 colors and go from there! Once the colors are selected, pick your patterns! Polka dots and damask are my fave!  (As seen on this adorable baby shower invitation)

4. Invites: my ultimate love! Invitations set the tone for the event, and who doesn't love a cute invite!? If you find an invite you adore, plan your party around it. Makes life super easy! (Party Box has more than 100 to choose from!)

5. I suggest mailing out invites at lease 3 weeks in advance. A month is ideal, but 3 weeks should suffice! (Did we mention free shipping is available for a short time only?!)

Here's the deal:
  • This offer is only available until 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2010.
  • Free standard shipping is eligible on any purchase amount using promo code COCKTAILS at checkout.


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