Monday, October 4, 2010

Exclusive to Economoms: Secret Special from Shamelessly Simple!

We're announcing a new type of deal this week -The Secret Special! Why is it secret? Well, 'cause secrets are fun! Just comment here, or 'like' or comment on the Facebook update to have the Secret Special revealed to you!

We're super excited that our first deal of this kind is with Shamelessly Simple, a gift boutique in Cockeysville. We love that Shamelessly Simple's style is quirky and fun yet chic and feminine. They specialize in baby, bridal, birthday, and seasonal.

Our Secret Special will help you with every Baltimore gal's fall shopping trifecta . . . Ravens entertaining items, Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations, and that unique Christmas gift for that random person you can never figure out what to get!

Again, give Economoms your feedback here or on Facebook to receive the deal! (And it can be forwarded to all your friends!!)


The Beynon Family said...

Can't wait to find out what the secret is!

Economoms said...

Hi Beynon Family,

Thanks for being such loyal fans! Please shoot Economoms an email at for all the info! We couldn't find your email address in your profile :-)


Pam said...

What can it be?!?!

Economoms said...

Hi Pam! Please email me at so I can reveal the Secret Special to you!

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