Friday, November 12, 2010

Crabcakes and Football. That's What Maryland Does!

Our headline, "borrowed" from the 2005 hit Wedding Crashers, just seems to say it all! What Marylander doesn't love blue crabs (in any shape or form) or the Baltimore Ravens (despite their disappointing loss last night)? We also boast Harborplace and 'dem good 'ol O's. Oh Baltimore, how we love thee :-)

If you need to gift a die-hard Marylander this holiday season, we have the perfect suggestion for you! Now through Monday, Nov. 15, spend $50 or more at the Baltimore Sun's Photo Gallery and get 20% off your entire purchase. Just enter code Rad50 at checkout.

From professional photos of Baltimore's icons to historic Sun photos to B-more skylines, the site has it all. Sizes range from 5x7 to 16x20. Order your print with or without a frame. Whatever option you choose, that die-hard BaltiMORON (oops, I mean Baltimorean) will be loving it!


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