Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exclusive to Economoms: $17 for $50 Worth of Personalized Eco-Friendly Cards

Economoms is now an affiliate of Eversave. What the heck does that mean, you ask? Well, it's simple really!

First off, if you haven't heard of Eversave yet, let me introduce you. Eversave is a flash sale site that offers one local irresistible deal each day. And by irresistible I mean 50-90% off regular prices! They're similar to the giant known as Groupon but with a smaller, local feel (kinda like Economoms!).

Economoms' affiliate program works like this: Through a special partnership with Eversave, we'll occassionally be able to offer our fans additional discounts ON TOP OF the deals offered to the general public. We'll have special links and promo codes in our blog that allow Economoms ONLY to take advantage of these amazing deals.

For example, the Eversave available to the general public today is $20 for $50 worth of personalized eco-friendly cards from Paper Culture. Well, Economoms has an even better deal! How about spending only $17 instead for the same $50 gift certificate? That's $33 in savings!

The timing of this deal is absolutely perfect for holiday cards. Use a personal photo (perhaps taken using our special with Lisa Marie Photography) to create a unique greeting. Or consider giving personalized note cards as a special gift. Invitations and birth announcements are also available.

Here's the deal:
  • This deal is only available Tuesday, Nov. 16 until 11:59 p. m.
  • Use the following link, available only to Economoms, to receive your deal: http://www.sharethesave.com/economomsbaltimore/online/paper-culture. You MUST use this link to receive your special price of $17, versus the $20 offer to the general public.
  • Type in promo code TTTUES at checkout. Again, you MUST use this promo code at checkout to get the $17 deal.
  • Eversave will then send you your Paper Culture voucher via email.
If you have questions about the new affiliate program or the process for purchasing today's deal, please feel free to comment below or email Economoms directly at bmorefamilydeals@gmail.com.


Heather said...

How many cards are included?

Economoms said...

Paper Culture uses a tiered pricing structure, so the more cards you buy, the less they cost. Prices can be as low as $1.49 per card. Check out this link for more info on pricing: http://www.paperculture.com/pricing.html

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