Sunday, November 7, 2010

Things that make you feel goooood!

Morning Fans!

Since Economoms was launched a little over three months ago, I've gotten so much joy from landing awesome deals for you guys and passing on tips for budget-friendly events in the Baltimore area. Saving money is just as important as living a fun, style-filled life, and I sincerely hope Economoms is helping you to that end.

Lisa with her Daughters
But it wasn't until just a few days ago, that I felt TRULY proud of Economoms, and it was all thanks to fan Lisa Berg Joubert and partner Physical Therapy First. You might recall that Lisa was the winner of our Halloween photo giveaway. She posted adorable photos of her daughters dressed as Dorothy and Minnie Mouse for Halloween. Courtesy of Physical Therapy First, we drew Lisa as the random winner of a thirty minute massage.

The idea was to give a local mom a relaxing experience. After all, holidays can be more exhausting than anything else! Between decorating, making costumes, buying candy, and trying to get your kids not to gorge on said candy, we figured a parent could really use thirty minutes of pure relaxation.

But Lisa took it to another level ...... upon winning, her immediate thought was not to keep the massage for herself, but to pass it on to someone who needed it much more than her. Lisa thought a good friend in her book club would appreciate it much more. Why? She was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this fall.

Lisa was concerned that Physical Therapy First's gift certificate wouldn't be transferrable. Economoms response? We'll make it happen, no matter what!! We were truly touched by Lisa's generosity and experienced that warm, fuzzy feeling that you can only get when you give back. The deal was sealed when Physical Therapy First let us know they loved the idea too. And now a voucher for a relaxing massage is on its way to Lisa's friend. We sincerely hope the massage will be a little slice of bliss for her amidst this trying time.

Call for Charities
Lisa's generosity made us realize Economoms needs to give back a whole lot more! In honor of the upcoming holiday season, Economoms would love to spread the word about the charity events and drives that you're participating in. There's 569 of us on Facebook (so far!) and if just 10% of us could give back at least once, it would make a HUGE difference. To that end, Economoms will publish a weekly log of your charities throughout the holiday season. Here's what we need from you in order to be featured:

  1. The Name of the Charity You'd Like to Promote
  2. Brief Description of Charity
  3. What and How People Can Donate
  4. Web Address / Email Address / Phone # of the Charity
  5. Any Applicable Dates
  6. Photos are Encouraged but Optional!
Email the above information to to be included!


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