Friday, December 17, 2010

November 2010 Survey Results

Happy Holidays Momanistas!

We're now up to 730+ fans, which is just so exciting because the more followers we have, the bigger and better the deals Economoms can land you from Baltimore area businesses! Please keep passing the word about Economoms! We truly appreciate it! And we can't wait to unveil some great specials for you in the New Year.

You might remember that in November we launched a survey to collect info on our fan base and learn more about your interests. We thought it would only be appropriate to share the results with you. Do you agree with the results? Do you have other feedback to share? We welcome you to add to our survey responses by completing it here: Or, please feel free to comment on this blog post or send an email to

The following responses were related to demographics:
  • 100% of respondents were female
  • 52% were aged 35-44
  • 93% have children under age 18 living at home
  • Respondents' children fall in the following age groups:
    • 37% of kids are aged 0-3
    • 29% of kids are aged 4-6
    • 17% of kids are aged 7-9
    • 7% of kids are aged 10-12
    • 4% of kids are aged 13-15
    • 4% of kids are aged 16-18
  • 68% of respondents live in Baltimore County
  • 12% live in Baltimore City
  • 12% live in Harford County
  • 8% live in other Maryland areas or outside Maryland
For the following, respondents were asked whether they completely disagreed, disagreed, agreed, or wholeheartedly agreed:
  • 62% wholeheartedly agree that deals should be published daily
  • 67% agree that the retailers and services featured are appealing
  • 45% disagree that the deals offered are big enough to entice them to make a purchase
  • 55% wholeheartedly agree that the Baltimore areas in which deals are offered apply to them
For the following, respondents were asked to select the categories that they were most interested in getting deals for. They could select as many choices as they liked.
  • 83% selected children's apparel/accessories
  • 83% selected local events/activities
  • 76% selected food and restaurants
  • 59% selected mom and dad "me time" products/activities
  • 59% selected toys
  • 52% selected parents' apparel/accessories
  • 52% selected fitness/sporting goods
  • 52% selected educational materials
  • 52% selected vacations
  • 48% selected consignment goods
  • 38% selected services like babysitting or event planning
  • 34% selected eco-friendly products
The following responses were related to purchasing habits/preferences:
  • 86% of respondents said they have not made a purchase through Economoms yet but they expect to in the future
  • 61% said they prefer receiving a coupon that they can print off, save for later, and use in-person at the store
  • 81% said they'd be happy with Economoms moving to a Groupon-like format (e.g., fans have a limited time period to spend $20 on Economoms' web site to get a certificate for $40 worth of toys from a local shop)
Again, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Complete the survey here:; email us at; or comment directly on this post.

Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season,
Amie Voith
Founder, Economoms


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