Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Break Escapes #4 - Dec 29, 2010

Many of us will be ringing in the New Year with our mini-mes, so why not include them in prepping for and participating in the festivities? Not only will it pump them up for the big night, but it will also make the celebration even more special since they took a part in creating it.

NYE Recipes for Youngsters
Pull a chair up to the counter, have your child climb up, and voila! You have a sous chef. We love these recipes that kids will adore preparing AND eating!
Crafts to Ring in the New Year
The kids might not make it 'til midnight, but what's New Year's Eve without the raucous celebration!? Here are some quick and easy crafts to jazz up the night.
Fun and Games
Board games, especially new ones Santa gifted your kids for Christmas, are always a hit. But here are some fun alternatives.
  • Clock 'Em - "Plan a series of games around the Father Time theme. For example, in Hide the Clock adults conceal a ticking clock somewhere in the room, then call the kids in to find it. Bonus points go to the team that locates the clock before the alarm goes off!" - PBS Parents
  • Travel the Time Zones - "It's always midnight somewhere in the world, so set clocks around the house to ring in the New Year in other time zones. Research New Year's customs around the globe (in Spain they begin the New Year by eating twelve grapes, in Japan they laugh in the New Year) and celebrate accordingly (while still getting the kids to sleep at a decent hour)." - PBS Parents
Kick Off 2011
Parents typically set New Year's resolutions like losing weight, getting organized, blah blah blah. We have a feeling children's resolutions will be much more interesting, sweet, and from the heart. There's only one way to find out ....
  • Free New Year's Resolution Printable - Use this activity sheet to put your kids' thoughts into words. Great for older kids to complete themselves, or to start a conversation with younger ones that mom and dad then transcribe.
  • Create a Resolution Tree - "Putting away the holiday decorations can be one of the saddest parts of the season ... Turn the chore into a party by transforming the Christmas tree into a Resolution Tree. Enlist the kids' help to pack away the decorations and then help them write resolutions on small note cards ... Leave the lights on the tree and tie the note cards on the branches with bits of blue ribbon to usher in the New Year." - PBS Parents


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