Thursday, April 21, 2011

Upcycle Your Hand-Me-Downs on Earth Day for a $13.95 Credit to thredUp

Here's a cool way to get rid of the winter clothes your kids have outgrown in exchange for some gently-worn spring clothes absolutely FREE! And you can check "go green for Earth Day" off your to-do list at the same time.

On Friday, April 22 thredUp is celebrating Earth Day by offering a $13.95 swap credit to any new members who sign up for their free membership.

New to thredUp? Here's how it works:

You pick out a box of gently-worn clothing that other moms like you have posted to the thredUp site, pay a few bucks for standard shipping, and then in a few days the clothes show up on your doorstep, ready for your wee one to wear--and outgrow in flash!

Then you put said outgrown clothing into a box thredUp provides for free, post a description of the box's contents on the thredUP site, and wait until another mom requests the box from you. Complete the upcycle by mailing the clothes, completely free, to their new home. Cool, huh?

To get the $13.95 credit, you must join thredUp on Earth Day, Friday, April 22. $13.95 will get you about one box of clothes. Enjoy!


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