Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flash Mother's Day Giveaway: Two Swag Bags of Goodies!

After the Mud Chasers Family Fun Adventure Economoms sponsored a couple weeks ago, I still have two swag bags brimming with goodies left over. As I looked at them sitting lonely on my dining room table, I realized what I could do with them -- gift them to loving homes through a Mother's Day giveaway!

After all, the stuff inside is geared toward moms. And what mother doesn't like a canvas tote in a cute lime color for spring to schlep all her stuff around? (Of course, I am partial because the tote does have Economoms' fun piggy bank logo on it!).

So I checked with our partners, all local businesses that helped to stuff the totes, and they thought it was a great idea too. Score!

Here's what's inside each Economoms swag bag:

Now that you're tempted, here's how to win:

Just comment here or anywhere on our Facebook page letting us know which of the daily deal sites (Groupon, etc) is your favorite and why. There are so many out there right now, and we want to know which one is your absolute fave so we can better tailor our offerings to you.

A randomly selected winner will be announced in a flash! Just 24 hours from now on Friday, May 6 at noon.


Kelly said...

Mamapedia is my favorite group deal site because it has deals targeted specifically to my demographic. From reusable sandwich bags (bought it!) to princess dress-up accessories (bought that too!), there are always great deals. And if your friends buy the deals it benefits you even more. Check it out if you have not done so already. I love it!

Christina said...

I like Gaggle of Chicks - (my referral link to get $10). They have different and fun stuff for kids. Mamapedia - ( - referral link for $10) has local deals for families. The closest city for Baltimore is DC at this time. They also have national deals.

Amanda Faul said...

I seem to buy the most stuff from Baby Steals so that one is probably my favorite. The frequently have deals on brands I really like (ex: really discounted Ergo carriers).

Danielle said...

I like Living Social and also Kids Woot for some good bargains!

Jessica said...

I like Mamapedia, too. In part because they donate 5% to your selected school. Plus, you can go through Ebates and save even more!

Alissa said...

Ooh, I love Living Social best. I love their family deals page and finding myself having to use restraint on a nearly daily basis at all the great deals.

Mel from said...

When I first had my son 2 years ago, I loved BabySteals. And now they have 2 steals a day! But I've noticed they repeat things quite often, and now that my son is older, I can't really use a lot of the items they present anymore. The few times lately that I've seen amazing deals (like JuJuBe bags), they've been snapped up within minutes.

Nowadays, I'd have to say the site I wind up buying mostly from is Groupon. Most of the certificates I've bought as gifts, but I have been able to get some snacks, eyeglasses, car service, and help cleaning the house for myself. Not exactly stuff for the kid, but still, it's helped save a bunch of money. And redeeming the vouchers is surprisingly easy. They already have all the info when I go to the stores!

Anonymous said...

Thirty One Gifts. I'm a bag-o-holic and get giddy just looking at all of these beautiful bags!!! I can have one for everyday of the week for each of the kids. So so cute!!

Amy said...

Living Social. They've exposed me to new restaurants and new ideas for fun for older kids!

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