Friday, June 3, 2011

Exclusive to Economoms - $50 Off Session with Child Photography Expert, Ashley Michelle

True story: Macy's first experience with a professional photographer at three months old started with her pooping on a prop, breastfeeding half way through the session, and ended with a lovely bang -- uncontrollable crying.

Wow! Gotta give it up to child photographers! And today Economoms is giving a big shout out to Ashley Michelle Photography, who's offering $50 off her packages, exclusively to our fans.

Ashley specializes in child and family photography. She'll be capturing me and Macy later this month for some professional shots for the blog. Can't wait!

I emailed Ashley the fun little questionnaire below. Have a looksy to learn more about her tricks of the trade for capturing kids in that picture-perfect moment.

My favorite kind of subject to photograph is ________ because ______.

Children!! Anyone who has been around children knows the funny and unexpected things they say or do that will make you crack up for hours or the sweet actions that make your heart melt. These are the moments I like to catch on camera, and doing so isn’t something I can ask of a child—it just happens naturally. Because of this, my sessions with children are all about playing and having fun.

My favorite photo I have ever taken is:

Oh, to pick just one. While this picture isn’t the most artistic photo I’ve taken, I chose it because of how much her mother loved her daughter's “fishy face” in the picture. I’m so proud that my process involves really getting to know my clients, because that’s what helps me capture the special moments that are most meaningful to them.

I knew I wanted to be a professional photographer when:

I couldn’t stop thinking about the next great picture I was going to take. When something happens in life or there is a beautiful view, the first thing I think of is, “where is my camera?” When I realized I was doing this I became a photography sponge and I haven’t looked back since….

The one word that best describes my photo sessions:

Relaxed. I don’t enjoy being on a deadline or making my clients do stuffy poses. I am there to capture the best pictures possible. I am constantly talking to my clients during sessions and learning about their lives—this helps me decide what kind of picture to take next and to learn what is important to them. Plus, it can also get them laughing, which always makes for the best pictures.

Candid or Posed?

Candid pictures are by far my favorite. Poses have their place, but if I had my choice I would take candid pictures all the time. The one time you will hear my camera continuous clicking is when I get a family or a child to laugh. Those smiles cannot be recreated.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Outdoors for sure! The light outside is so much better, and playing around with the sunlight always makes for some cool pictures. Plus, with children, they can be themselves outdoors—running around, getting messy, and not having a care in the world.

My best trick for getting a kid to cooperate at a photo session:

I love to tell “secrets” to children. The secret can be anything from telling them we are tricking their little brother or sister and I need their help to make them smile, or that we are going to surprise mom and dad by jumping on their backs. I could go on and on—most of these secrets or tricks are very spur of the moment for me and are not really something I plan. And in every photo session, the way I interact with children is based off of their individual personalities.

Black and White or Color?

I am all about some color. I love bright, vivid colors in pictures—it is part of my style as a photographer. Black and whites have their place when showing emotion or when the color just isn’t right, but I always tell my clients to wear brightly colored clothing and I love snapping away against a brightly colored background.

My #1 tip for summer vacation photos:

Do something different and don’t forget the details! Sure, the family photo of everyone sitting on the beach is a must, but remember, photos are all about preserving memories and conveying the emotion you were feeing during that exact moment in time. Take pictures that convey a story. What are you going to remember more ten years from now—a posed picture on the beach or the time that little Johnny was buried in the sand by Uncle Jim and couldn’t get out.

Here's the deal:

  • Take $50 off when you schedule a photo session with Ashley Michelle Photography in June, July, or August 2011
  • Appointment must be scheduled by Friday, June 17 in order to qualify for the discount
  • Email to set up your appointment and mention promo code Economoms to get the deal
I look forward to sharing my Ashley Michelle photos with you later this month, and I hope we'll get to see some of yours, as well!


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