Monday, June 27, 2011

Exclusive to Economoms: Up to Half Off Pampered Mommas!

Because moms deserve pampering too ...

That's the slogan behind new, local business Pampered Mommas. Can I get a heck yeah!?!

And Economoms has a deal exclusively for our fans that will get you 25% off their services and 50% off an in-home massage when you make a referral. Can I get a double heck yeah?!?

Pampered Mommas provides just about any spa treatment you can think of, as well as housekeeping, meal delivery, babysitting, professional photography, nursery mural design, event planning, baby proofing and more.

The best part is they come to you! All services are delivered in the comfort of your own home. Whether you're an expectant mom, new mom, or veteran mom, their services are designed to take some weight off your shoulders.

We did a quick Q&A with Rochelle, owner of Pampered Mommas and mom to two small children herself. Here's what she had to say:

What inspired you to found Pampered Mommas?
When I was pregnant with my last baby, I was on bedrest for a majority of the pregnancy and my husband tried desperately to find someone to come into our home and give me a massage and a pedicure.  He was working full time, and we had a 3 year old at the time. There were so many things that I was stressed about: Housekeeping, nursery prep, family dinner, etc. After much research I discovered that there was not a service in this immediate area that was geared towards expectant and new moms. It was very important to me to offer a variety of services, a one-stop shop for moms.

What is the philosophy behind Pampered Mommas?
Moms, in general, are so concerned with the well-being of others, that we often times forget to take care of ourselves.  Bringing a newborn home is one of the most exciting times in our lives, but with it also comes anxiety, stress and fear. And to be honest, sometimes moms are overlooked, not intentionally, when the baby arrives. Pampered Mommas was designed to help moms get through those times.  We must take care of ourselves, it will make us better mothers in the long run.

Here's the Deal:
  • Take 25% off ANY Pampered Mammas service when you book on or before Tuesday, July 5. Doula services excluded. To claim this deal, email and put Economoms in the subject line.
  • Refer a friend that books a service, and pay just $55 for an in-home massage -- that's 50% off! To claim this deal, email and put Economoms in the subject line. Additionally, you must include the friend referral in your email. You must live in the Greater Baltimore area to take advantage of the in-home massage.
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