Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Check Out the Deal I Just Scored! $12 for $30 Worth at The Crackpot

When a date night makes an appearance on our calendar, it's inevitable that we'll end up at The Crackpot for a night cap. Not only is it right down the street from our house, it's the perfect hole in the wall bar where every bartender knows your name (We love you Kevin!!).

This Towson mainstay has been around for over 40 years. It's never had a facelift, and we like it that way! It's casual, bustling and the food is yummy.

While The Crackpot likes to brag about it's gargantuan 20 ounce crabcake, we prefer the burgers, wings and sinful cheese and bacon fries. It's not a place for dieters! But again, we like it that way -- especially when it's date night!

With my love for The 'Pot (as us regulars call it), you can easily see why I snatched up today's Baltimore Eversave deal: $12 for $30 worth of food and drinks! The deal (affiliate link) is actually running for $15, but with promo code SHARE at checkout, you can take off $3, bringing your total down to $12.

Be forewarned: you cannot use this deal on steamed crabs!

It just so happens we're planning on playing some tennis and going to the pool baby free on Wednesday evening. I know where we'll stop to grab dinner! I'll just have to resist those cheese fries ......

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