Thursday, September 8, 2011

Save $5 at Urban Pirates' Fall Fridays After School Special

Friday evenings seem to be a popular time for deals this fall! Not only do "prices take a dive, Fridays after five" at the National Aquarium and the Maryland Science Center, Urban Pirates is also offering savings with their After School Special.

Hop aboard the Fearless pirate ship for its 4 p.m. Family Adventure Cruise any Friday this fall, and pay $15 each for admission. That saves you $5 per person over normal pricing.

Check out this description of the family cruise from Urban Pirates' website. Doesn't it sound like a swashbuckling good time?!

"Once aboard the ship, you and your mates will be dressed up like pirates; tattoos and drawn-on facial hair included.

Our swahbuckling crew will transform you into pirates teaching you how to talk, sing, dance, and play games like a salty dog!

Look out! Be prepared to man the water cannons and spray down any evil pirates that come near our precious treasure. Remember -- true pirates are not afraid to get a little wet.

Prove yourself worthy and you will get a share of the booty from our treasure chest!"

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