Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Check Out the Deals I Just Scored: Boot Camp and Port Discovery!

What do Coach Falcon's Fit Bodies Boot Camp and Port Discovery Children's Museum have in common? Absolutely nothing! Except that I scored both for 50% off today ... One deal for me and one deal for my family. I think that's fair, don't you?!

Port Discovery
Certifikid, the only local daily deal site targeted specifically toward children, is the first to my knowledge to bring Port Discovery to the bargain scene.

I kid you not, on Sunday, after Todd and I had taken Macy to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore (using a Groupon we had purchased earlier this fall), I said to him as we drove past Port Discovery: "We really need to get Macy there one of these weekends. I wonder if they'll ever do a deal."

Jump to Tuesday morning and Certifikid is promoting 50% off admission tickets. FATE!

Pay just $7 per person for admission (two ticket maximum) for use Sundays through Thursdays until March 2012. Kids under 2 are FREE, which means my whole family will be visiting Port Discovery for just $14! I can't wait to take Macy to Tot Trails, their exhibit just for babies and toddlers.

Alternatively, you can also score a great deal at Port Discovery by visiting the third Friday of each month for $2 Family Fun Night from 4-7 p.m.. Or, visit on Thrifty Thursdays, when admission is $8 per person after 1 p.m.

Coach Falcon's Boot Camps
Fate of sorts also brought me to this deal. See, it's been 10 months since I had Macy, and gosh darn it! ... I still haven't lost the baby weight. Everyone always tells me: "It took nine months to gain it; don't expect to lose it any quicker." Well, it's been longer than nine months since she was born, so take note: That old adage no longer brings me any comfort!

Enter last month's LivingSocial deal for Coach Falcon's Fit Body Boot Camp. Two things led me to purchase it: 1) He offers classes at 5:30 a.m. I've resigned to the fact that with a baby, a day job, and getting my MBA, early mornings are the only way to squeeze workouts in. And 2) It's close by my house. If I'm going to wake up that early, I better not have to drive far!

After taking a month of Coach Falcon's classes, two more things have kept up my motivation to keep going besides the fact that he has a cool name: 1) He makes me laugh. Again, if I'm going to wake up that early, I better be having some sort of fun. 2) The classes are small and I get individualized attention. (Now, I know by posting this I run the risk of those classes getting bigger, but that's just how devoted of an Economom I am to you guys ... Hee hee!)

So, with all that being said, get off your booty and buy today's deal from Plum District Baltimore, the daily deal site dedicated to us moms. For $50 you get unlimited boot camp classes with Coach Falcon at the Coppermine Fieldhouse in Mount Washington.

The deal is valid through January 2012 -- perfect for getting a jumpstart on that perennial New Year's resolution. I just bought mine since it's not restricted to new customers. Woohoo!

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