Thursday, November 10, 2011

Take Note: Change to Ashley Michelle Photography Giveaway

Dear Facebook,

Next time you brag about a new feature that you've introduced, could you please make sure it works first?


That's the sentiment we'll be passing on to Facebook after we realized our giveaway with Ashley Michelle Photography has been flubbed.

See, Facebook told us one of their handy-dandy new features for business pages was that we'd be able to see all 'shares' any time a fan shared one of our posts on their personal wall. Turns out, we can only see some, not all.

Therefore, our entry requirement for you to 'share' the post about our biggest giveaway yet ($650 worth of Ashley Michelle Photography!) just isn't going to work.

PLAN B: Our original post about the giveaway has been updated to reflect the new entry requirements. Basically, instead of sharing, you'll be required to tag yourself in a picture posted on Ashley Michelle Photography's Facebook page.

We apologize for any confusion. We're totally peeved with Facebook right now, too!


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