Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meet Certifikid, Baltimore's Best Resource for Family Deals!

As I was looking over the Economoms Facebook page this morning, I was SOOOOO excited to see that we're up to almost 1,550 fans. I love our little community of Baltimore moms and dads who are on this journey with me to play local yet live frugal.

However, I was SOOOOO surprised to see one of the stats that the Facebook gurus provide business page owners .... Only about 100 of the 1,500 of you are fans of Certifikid, our newest partner. How can this be?! 

Certifikid is hands down my favorite daily deals site. Not only is it local, but it's targeted specifically to families. Unlike Groupon or Living Social, Certifikid has real moms just like us securing deals for their subscribers, not some Joe Schmoe that works halfway across the country and doesn't know anything about Baltimore family life.

My favorite Certifikid deal I've scored so far is half off Port Discovery tickets. I can't wait to take Macy for the first time! You can find deals for other kiddo favorites like Cartoon Cuts, Urban Pirates, and Irvine Nature Center too. Camps, music and art classes, photographers, and family-friendly restaurants are also featured regularly.

Plus, Certifikid offers deals that helps to make parents' lives a little easier .... like carpet cleaning and car detailing. If your car is anything like mine -- baby bottle spills and Cheerios galore -- I know these are services that us parents could really use but don't want to spend a lot of money on (hint, hint Certifikid!!).

So if you're one of the 1,400 Economoms that aren't yet following Certifikid, do it now! Click here to sign up to have their deals delivered to your inbox every day. And click here to follow them on Facebook.


Julie said...

I LOVE Certifikid! My favorite deals have been 1/2 off tickets to Chesapeake water park and Urban Pirates. So many great deals!

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