Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top Ten Ways Moms Save with Let's Dish!

Some mommas sippin' some bubbly
while prepping din-din at Let's Dish!
Everyone's making a BIG DEAL over CertifiKid's promotion with Let's Dish! this afternoon. Well, no wonder .... It really, truly, literally is a BIG DEAL: 41% off four or eight family-sized meals, plus a $30 bonus gift card for you or a friend.

If that isn't reason enough to drop what you're doing and head over to CertifiKid now, then here are 10 more. Economoms' top ways Baltimore moms save with Let's Dish!:

1. Save Time - Spend just 1-2 hours making enough dinners for 1-2 weeks. Then, take them home, pop them in the freezer, and heat them up when ready. Ta-daaaa! Dinner is served.

2. Save Money - Even without the CertfiKid discount, Let's Dish! meals are affordable, averaging at about $3.72 per serving. Stir CertifiKid into the mix, and you save nearly $1 more per serving, bringing down the average to $2.85. That's less than fast food!

3. Save Sanity - No more "What's for dinner?" No more frenzied meal-time routine. No more tedious grocery shopping lists. 'Nuff said!

4. Save Gas - Speaking of the grocery store, one car trip to Let's Dish! and your done. There you go saving money and time again when you eliminate grocery store excursions ...

5. Save Taste Buds - All of Let's Dish!'s meals are made from wholesome, fresh ingredients. You won't find any mystery meats or greasy, processed crap.

6. Save Waist Lines - With natural ingredients come healthier options. The majority of Let's Dish!'s dinner options are 400 calories or less per serving but don't sacrifice on flavor. Choose from tasty deliciousness like Chicken and Asparagus Risotto, Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic-Cranberry Sauce, and even Decadent Molten Chocolate Cakes. Your tummy will thank you now and later!

7. Save on the Holiday Budget - The CertifiKid deal not only gets you 41% off meals for your family, but a $30 gift card, as well, to give to a friend. Kill two birds with one stone this Christmas! Dinner for YOU, present for THEM! Or, the alternative I prefer -- dinner for YOU, present for YOU.

8. Save the Local Economy - Okay, maybe you can't single-handedly go all super-mom and save Baltimore's economy. But you can do your part to help, right?! Let's Dish! is a locally-owned corporation based right here in Randallstown. Shop local this holiday season and feel good about your purchase, too.

9. Save your Sense of Self - How many of you could use some more "me time" in your life right about now? I think I just saw the hand of in Baltimore raise up. When you go to Let's Dish!, you might be prepping dinner, but it's also a way to get out of the house. Without kids. By yourself. Or with a girlfriend. And you can bring wine. Am I speaking your language now? Thought so!

10. Save Even More Time - If I haven't convinced you yet that spending a couple hours out for two weeks worth of meals is worth it, here's something more to sweeten the pot. You don't have to! With the Dish-N-Dash option they'll prep the meals for you for a small additional fee, and you simply swing by and pick them up. Still not enough, Miss Lazy Pants? Choose DishDelivery. Let's Dish! will make the meals then drop them off to you. It SERIOUSLY does not get easier than that!

Click here to nab this fab deal. Let's Dish! rarely partners with daily deal websites, so get it from CertifiKid while it lasts. I know I am ...


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