Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Check Out the Deal I Just Scored! 66% Off Juicy Couture

This is a new feature where I'll be sharing all of the great deals I score for me and my family (mostly me) through daily deal and flash sale websites.

Today's purchase was completely impulsive and probably somewhat stupid. But it was too good of a deal to resist!

Like a gazillion other moms out there, I'm on the quest to find the perfect bathing suit. You know, the one that makes me look like I did BEFORE I had my child?

Well, I've had my eye on those one-piece vintage-inspired pin-up babe numbers with the little mini skirts for awhile. And one popped up on Rue La La (affiliate link) today from Juicy Couture! I'm hoping it's the right amount of coverage with just that hint of sexiness that won't make me feel like a complete mom.

And then the cover-up? Well, I just threw that in for fun because it was such a great discount! Check it out:

Juicy Couture "Miss Softie" Swim Dress - Regularly $190 marked down to $79.90 on Rue La La (affiliate link). That's 58% off!

Juicy Couture "Miss Softie" Tile Smocked Cover Up - Regularly $116, marked down to $39.90 on Rue La La (affiliate link). That's 66% off!

Now, I know you probably think I'm crazy for purchasing a bathing suit without trying it on, but I'm betting on a few things:

1) I've worn Juicy before so I know that it runs small. Translation - I ordered a large!

2) It's a fact I can't wear any other swimwuit style than a halter. Translation - "The twins" need some major lifting!

3) The ruching on the sides and the skirt on the bottom will be flattering. Translation - It will cover up my post-baby rolls (hopefully!).

Wish me luck!

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