Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baltimore Sun Launches Bmore Bargains

A new local daily deals website has entered the scene: Bmore Bargains, run by the Baltimore Sun. With the Baltimore Sun arguably one of the best sources of 'insider' information for locals, we're hoping their deals site lives up to the same reputation--providing bargains on restaurants, attractions and events that true Baltimoreans desire. In other words, we're excited that some salesperson in Chicago (where Groupon is headquartered) won't be picking our deals! So how is Bmore Bargains different from the bevy of daily deals sites already out there? Here's what we've observed so far:
  • Bmore Bargains does not have a rewards program (i.e. - Refer a deal to a friend, and get rewarded for it through credits). Virtually every other deals site on the market offers this, so we think they need to follow suit!
  • Bmore Bargains has returned to the traditional daily deals model, in which the deals are truly only available for 24 hours. Most sites now offer deals for 2-3 days, Groupon included. If you like a Bmore Bargain, better get it quick!
  • Bmore Bargains does not have any niche editions. We're hoping they'll eventually offer Bmore Bargains for families!
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