Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Round-Up - Mother's Day Gift Options and More

Say hello to Say Hello Diamonds
for Mother's Day ... at 74% Off!
Certifikid is Economoms' exclusive partner for daily deals, bringing you the best family friendly activities  in  Baltimore (at great prices, of course)!

Here's a round up of the fabulous deals currently available on their website. There are so many this week, we decided to break them down by category for you:

Mother's Day Gift Options
Summer Camps
Kids Classes
Plus, don't forget Certifikid now offers Special Deals for Special Needs! Click here to learn more and to see what deals are currently available for special needs children and families.

Economoms Insider Tip: If you purchase any Certifikid deal, be sure to share your unique code with your friends (found on the Account page after you create your FREE account with Certifikid) . You'll get $5 in credit each time a family you refer to the site makes their first purchase!


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