Sunday, April 10, 2011

Operation Flat Belly: Frustration Ensues

Economom Amie's musings on shedding her post-baby weight, also known as Operation Flat Belly.

Sorry I haven't kept up with Operation Flat Belly lately. My quest to lose weight has become somewhat futile. Frustration has set in.

To say I have been busy is an understatement. In the past few weeks I threw a "Sip and See" party for friends and family to meet Macy, I returned to my day job half time, my future mother-in-law came into town for a visit, AND I was on the hunt for good day care, which can be found few and far between.

Operation Flat Belly has been on the forefront of my mind but on the bottom of my to-do list. I'm constantly fretting about working out and eating healthy, but when it comes to performing these actions, I'm definitely falling short.

Party appetizers aren't exactly the healthiest of foods. We ate out at restaurants four different times over a span of two days when Macy's grandma was in town. And "stress eating" was my go-to coping mechanism after we visited with a couple day care options that I could NEVER imagine sending Macy to.

I know, I know. I need to stop with the excuses. But sometimes you just need to vent! Losing weight is hard, damn it!

And on top of it all, my fiance and Operation Flat Belly partnerTodd is shedding pounds at warp speed. We're putting in the same effort, yet the weight is falling off of him. What the heck! (Sorry honey, I am proud of you ........ Sort of.)

Therefore, my frustration ensues .... When people told me it takes nine months to gain the weight, so don't expect it to take shorter to lose it, I should have believed them! Lesson learned.

So what am I currently doing that I need to beef up?

I'm continuing to train for the Mud Chasers race by working out about two to three times per week. Thank goodness Todd and I have family nearby that can watch Macy when we find the time to do Kamikaze Class. Macy is also getting to know the babysitters at the Y! Very rarely I'm catching a yoga class. In reality, working out two to three times a week is great for maintaining weight, but I need to up this to four or five to actually lose weight.

We're on our second week of Supper Thyme's Three-a-Day Fast Track Meals. I love this diet because it doesn't really feel like a diet -- the food tastes good and is filling. But I've realized eating out is a HUGE part of our lifestyle. So most days two out of my three meals will be Fast Tracks but the other is from a restaurant. I'm finding it almost impossible to eat healthy at restaurants. Again, this format seems to be great for maintaining my weight. In order to shed those pounds, I really need to try to eat at home perhaps during the whole work week and then occassionally on the weekends.

These are my goals moving forward. I know I shouldn't be super hard on myself, but it's hard not to! Thanks for letting me rant :-)


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