Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meet Our New Sponsor: WyzAnt Tutoring!

One-on-one sessions with students of all ages ... More than 500 tutors in the Baltimore area ... Discount packages on multiple tutoring sessions ... No contracts or minimum payments ...

Sounds like a tutoring service I would want to invest in for my daughter someday! That's why Economoms has partnered up with WyzAnt Tutoring. It's a service we feel like we can stand behind, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Sessions average about $30-45 per hour.

Check out WyzAnt's "Find Local Tutors" widget (also always available on the right hand side of Economoms' home page). Select the subject your child needs some extra help with, click Search, and voila! You'll get a listing of available tutors in the Baltimore area that for each includes a photo (if available), their profile information and expertise, and their rate. Pretty cool, huh?

Visit WyzAnt's home page here, or click here to 'like' them on Facebook for tutoring tips that parents can use at home.

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